Angular features in Amber itself (was: Re: [amber-lang] Amber and Ionic (aka Angular))

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Angular features in Amber itself (was: Re: [amber-lang] Amber and Ionic (aka Angular))

Herby Vojčík

Martin Bähr wrote:
> Excerpts from Norbert Hartl's message of 2016-03-07 19:12:44 +0100:
>> Integrating angular in amber is not too easy because angular has a
>> lot of special variables (the ones starting with $).
> what is problematic about them?

Not usable in Smalltalk code by just using them by name. `$f` is syntax
for character f.

> alternatively though, i'd like to know if amber itself provides something similar.
> is there any form of databinding in amber? or writing directives for html templates?

Two way databinding: trapped (stalled now, must update it to work with
newest amber)

One way databinding: silk (not there yet, but planned having a
`anElement refresh` reexcuting blocks and changing respective values
automagically - very lean way of databinding, though)

Directives for HTML elements: in Web (the classic seaside-like library)
there are HTML snippets, which allow you to define snippet in HTML which
gets captured and made into programmatic tag which you can use as other
tags: `html mytag with: [ ... ]` etc.

> greetings, martin.


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