[Ann] Camp Smalltalk PDX 2019 is coming...

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[Ann] Camp Smalltalk PDX 2019 is coming...

Seth Berman

Hello All,

Mark your Calendars!
Camp Smalltalk PDX 2019 is happening in Portland, Oregon on October 4-6 this year!
A special thank you to the Camp Smalltalk PDX organizers for bringing this together
and Instantiations is pleased to be one of the sponsors for this event.

Some more details below:

The Pacific Northwest Smalltalk crew would like to invite you to Camp Smalltalk PDX this October. Join us in beautiful Portland, Oregon for a memorable weekend.

There is no set schedule as of now. Likely topics include:

  • Smalltalk on iOS and Android
  • Web Frameworks
  • GemStone
  • Virtual machine implementations
  • Data processing applications
  • Language design

If you are curious about Smalltalk, learn from the experts. If you are an expert, influence the future generation of Smalltalkers!


  • Dinner on Saturday
  • Hiking in Washington Park


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