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[Ann] Iceberg 0.7.4

Guillermo Polito
Hi all,

Time for the weekly Iceberg update.
The next pharo build will include Iceberg 0.7.4, with many improvements done during this last week.

Documentation wise, all documentation/workflow valid for 0.7.3 is still valid for 0.7.4. Thanks to all brave users, issue reporters and contributors :).

Key changes: 
 - Several improvements in merging (mostly UI)
 - Optimize Pharo workflow (less fetches and unnecessary diffs)
 - Lots of new automated tests to cover merging, reverting and some git interactions that are difficult to capture manually

Infrastructure changes:
 - Since 0.7.2 was released, we made the resolution of making an enhancement in the infrastructure per release
 - In 0.7.3 we fixed travis CI so builds are run on every commit and on pull requests
 - In this relese (0.7.4) we introduced in the build tests againt pharo 6.1 and 64 bits
   * The idea is to prepare the field for a future backport to Pharo 6.1
   * And have good 64 bit support

In the next version our idea is to put the focus on enhancing 
 - metacello integration
 - Pharo6.1 compatibility working smoothly
 - add a couple of more videos on scenarios like:
   * how to upgrade and contribute to iceberg
   * how to review a pharo fix
   * how to reuse your image for other fixes
   * handling merges
   * how to update a fork

Here is the detailed changelog with all closed issues during this week:

#729 Update .travis.yml to test Pharo 6 and 64 bits
#689 Creating a repository in an existing location shows a debugger UI enhancement
#556 Removed packages are not removed from git Model bug
#727 Adapt properties reading of Tonel projects for Pharo 6.1.
#728 Ask confirmation on fetch all action
#543 In merge window removed methods are not taken into account Model bug
#695 Specifying that Clone GitHub repository only deals with ssh mode Github plugin UI
#690 Revert all does not behave correctly in detached working copy Model bug important
#720 Commit panel should be selected by default when opening the commit window UI enhancement
#724 Change focus order of commit window  UI enhancement
#719 Typing just after entering commit windows throw an error UI bug
#721 Repository creation error not handled Github plugin bug
#722 Typo in email git properties Libgit bug
#716 "#pathString was sent to nil" if Pharo repository is not resolved Metacello Integration bug important
#709 Cannot see the arrow in merge view
#701 Merge view shows extra things UI enhancement merge
#710 Merge does not apply changes right bug merge
#711 The merge lose some changes bug merge
#694 Extra diffs happen Model enhancement important
#705 Clone repair action does extra actions Model enhancement
#647 Following script for Pharo6.1 leads to unusable Iceberg (>>#binaryWriteStream) Pharo6-backport bug important