[Ann] IndieWeb and pocket infrastructures: 6th biweekly workshop this Saturday (3:15 PM - 7:15 PM, GMT-5)

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[Ann] IndieWeb and pocket infrastructures: 6th biweekly workshop this Saturday (3:15 PM - 7:15 PM, GMT-5)

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas-2

Hi all,

This is just a short reminder about our biweekly Grafoscopio community workshops about IndieWeb and pocket infrastructures (in Spanish). You can find more information about them on:

[1] https://mutabit.com/repos.fossil/indieweb/doc/trunk/docs/es/index.html#talleres

It has been really nice to see how workshops, prose and code advance intertwined and feedback each other in this community experience made on a voluntary basis. In the "behind scenes" links below you can see how the writing advances at a pretty good pace.

By a happy coincidence, that I think is more a reflection of the spirit of our times, we, at the local community, started to develop a so called decoupled/headless CMS, that suits our writing and publishing workflows better that overcomplicated CMS (like WordPress) and after that I found that there is a complete movement around them, that includes static generators[1] and JAMStack. Our approach aligns with them in some places and in others I think we are more agile and minimalist. As usual, I create an interactive Grafoscopio outline/notebook and a Domain Specific Language that explores the problem and creates some prototypes (see screenshot below). We have biweekly community workshops[2a], where we learn how to build, update and modify our static site and the technologies behind and the companion documentation site[2] is an exampler and explainer of what can be done using the Brea[3] minimalist CMS under construction:

[1] https://jamstack.org/generators/
[2] https://mutabit.com/repos.fossil/indieweb/
[2a] https://mutabit.com/repos.fossil/indieweb/doc/trunk/docs/es/index.html#talleres
[3] https://mutabit.com/repos.fossil/brea/

As usual, I would like to thanks the remote community that makes this local experience possible, and also I would like to thank ESUG for their key support to this initiative.



Ps: here are the "behind scenes" links