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[Announce] S8 in the Concrete Jungle

Alejandro Reimondo (Ale) will make a presentation about
 S8 platform and U8 service on Tuesday March 6, 2012
 to NYC Smallltalk Developer’s group.


There is a lot of topics to talk about..., the topic
 of most interest (to us) is to explain what we
 are doing with S8.
A breaf description of our regional point of view about OT
 and Smalltalk, and our proposal of a modern
 formulation of development using Smalltalk will
 be the starting point of the presentation.
The S8 platform was implemented to let us(smalltalkers)
 be responsible of our execution environments (as it
 was in the early days of smalltalk).
That impose a change of attitude and the formulation/idea
 must be supported by tools and evidence/experience
 of others in the same field.
As a demostration on how we can do that with S8,
 Ale will mention the platforms we have implemented for
 using the U8 service (designed to make worldwide
 social development with smalltalk
 http://u8.smalltalking.net ).

On technical side, to mention where a person can start
 application development and self-learning using U8,
 he will describe the frameworks we have implemented
 on top of S8 (we all know the importance of frameworks)
 and the process we are using for development/testing
 of frameworks.
The presentation is also open to the topics of interest
 of the audience. And Ale will be happy to respond questions
 about how to use S8 in diferent contexts of development.

Some of the technical points that will be of
 interest are:
- how to use our FFI framework?
  (make API calls, use native libraries and implement
   callbacks using S8; 100% smalltalk code)
- how to do server side development? (NodeJS framework)
- how to use your code from other smalltalks?
- how to use javascript libraries? and (more important)
  how to write interfaces to existing libraries fast
   and minimize errors / testing points?
- how to develop for Android and phones?
- how to use cloud services?
- how to work using U8? How to contact experts
  and people to do development of frameworks
  using the U8 service?
- why we minimized the toolset at this stage? and what
  powerfull features of smalltalk we support today.
- what is not implemented yet? and how to contribute?
- ...

In all the presentations and coding events we made here
 (in Buenos Aires) the time has been short for going
 deep in groups, and the presentation was important to
 get in touch with people that has interest in global
 development as it is used to be in this decade.

So, if you are near NY on March,6 join us.
If you can't attend there next week, please contact
 us at info@smalltalking.net
 and consider we have open the Betatesting site
 to start contributing and using U8 from now
 and we are doing one betaworks meeting per week
 to let people put their hands on the frameworks,
 tools and S8 platform, in small groups.
...If you can´t wait and want to start coding now/today,
 please visit the U8 page ( http://u8.smalltalking.net )
 and register there to become a member of our community,
 to be in contact with people and companies interested
 in social development using Smalltalk.

on behalf of Smalltalking Association