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Another project: Aida/CRM

Janko Mivšek
Dear all,

Good news!
I just came from a meeting from a company which is a CRM (Customer
Relationships Management)/sales management specialist, currently using
open-source SugarCRM derivative called vtiger (,
but they are not very satisfied and are looking for better technology,
specially more maintainable, expandable, faster, solving complex
problems. And as all of you know, Smalltalk and AIDA/Web are the right
answer on those questions :)

So, there is quite a big chance that they will choose Aida for a brand
new CRM and even more, it will be open-sourced from the start! They are
willing to build a team which will become part of our community and
contribute back to us.

So far for now, more in following days ....

My question to all of you for now is: anyone interested in CRM solutions
right now?


Janko Miv?ek
Smalltalk Web Application Server