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Available to join a project

Hi guys, 

I’ve finished a contract and in the next weeks, I’ll be exploring opportunities to join a new project.

Lately, I’ve been working with JavaScript full-stack and docker, AWS, GCloud among other things.

By the way, some of the microservices I ran in AWS are deployed as dockerized Pharo images set up as auto-scalable in ElasticBeanstalk.

So, after lots of JavaScript and TypeScript, now I’m curious about joining a Smalltalk project :D 

You might remember me for trying with Airflowing, this SaaS startup built on Seaside which unfortunately didn’t fly far enough but had thaught me LOTS of lessons and made me solve lots of interesting problems with Smalltalk.

Let me know if you want to chat to see if I could help with your company/project!

You can write me to: 

Sebastian Sastre

More about my developer story here: