Awesome Machine Learning in Pharo

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Awesome Machine Learning in Pharo

Oleksandr Zaitsev

I have created an "awesome" list of all projects, books, booklets, papers, and applications related to machine learning, AI, data science in Pharo. If you know of any other entries that should be on the list, please add them by making a pull request or creating an issue.

The fact that projects like Roassal are on the list does not mean that Roassal is a machine learning project. It only means that people who work on machine learning projects may benefit from knowing about Roassal and find it useful for visualizing their data. Therefore, this list is not the aggregation of ML projects, but a collection of everything that may help people working with ML in Pharo find useful tools, similar projects, or helpful documentation.

So feel free to add anything that you find related :)


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