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Ric Moore
I get this error:

crossedEdge: aSegment
        crossedEdge Illegal character ->_ aSegment

in this package when I load it. I'm using FC6 Linux.
Also Ballon3D-ar.1.msz has dependancies on Wonderland that I am not
finding in the repositories.
I have 4 hedgehog repos listed: Homebase, Tweak, hedgehogRC and
Contributions. Plus I have C:\iSweak\3.8\package-cache, which is kinda
weird seeing dos on my linux machine, but I clicked on it anyways,
nothing appears in bold on the left side, but clicking through the
packages, the OpenGL directory has 4 OpenGL-ar files, 6,8,9, and 37.mcz
all in bold. But there is no underscore under any of them so I figure
they must not be loaded/installed. I loaded the first one and it asked
several times if certain items is still used in code of class
GLExtConstants class, Is it okay to move it to undeclared? Is there a
rule of thumb with this? When uncertain keep it? Dump it? I kept it and
proceeded and got this syntax error:
generate: extension types: typeList functions: list
        "Take a list of strings comprising open gl functions, and compile FFI
functions here.
        See also parseEXTFunctions:do:."
        | typeMap signature1 signature2 body |
        (extension beginsWith: 'GL_')
                ifFalse: [^self error: 'suspicious extension name'].

        typeMap Illegal character ->_ Dictionary new.
        typeList pairsDo: [:string :exttype | typeMap at: string put: exttype].

        self parseEXTFunctions: list do: [:return :function :args |
                signature1 _ String streamContents: [:s |
                        s nextPutAll: function; nextPut: $(.
                        args do: [:arg | s nextPutAll: arg second]
                                separatedBy: [s nextPutAll: ', '].
                        s nextPut: $)].
                signature2 _ String streamContents: [:s |
                        s nextPutAll: function.
                        args isEmpty ifFalse: [
                                s nextPutAll: ': '.
                                args do: [:arg | s nextPutAll: arg second]
                                        separatedBy: [s nextPutAll: ' with: ']]].
                body _ String streamContents: [:s |
                        s crtab; nextPutAll: '"This method was generated by ', name, '"'.
                        s crtab; nextPutAll: '<apicall: '.
                        s nextPutAll: (self mapType: return using: typeMap); space.
                        s print: function; space.
                        s nextPutAll: '('.
                        args do: [:arg | s nextPutAll: (self mapType: arg first using:
                                separatedBy: [s space].
                        s nextPutAll: ')>'; crtab.
                        s nextPutAll: '^self externalCallFailed'.
                self class "!"
                        compile: signature1,body classified: extension;
                        compile: signature2,body classified: extension]
Anyone have a clue? It would probably fix my OpenGL errors. Thanx, Ric

My father, Victor Moore (Vic) used to say:
"There are two Great Sins in the world...
..the Sin of Ignorance, and the Sin of Stupidity.
Only the former may be overcome." R.I.P. Dad.
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