[BUG]: Fullscreen mode has resizing tab (Issue 2356)

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[BUG]: Fullscreen mode has resizing tab (Issue 2356)

Sean P. DeNigris
Fullscreen mode does not seem to be an actual fullscreen app, but a resizable window with no title bar or border.  I find this confusing as it does not match expected convention (on the Mac anyway).


Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to full screen mode

You will see a resizing tab in the lower right corner.  This is confusing because resizing is kind
of incongruent with full screen.  At first I thought dragging it might revert to full screen off, but
it actually resizes the image and stays in full screen.

  * Lock the window size to cover the entire screen in full screen mode and remove the tab
  * Change the name of the current option to something like "Borderless window" (if that is a
feature for some people)