Balloon3D package in 2017

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Balloon3D package in 2017

As part of testing to see whether I’ve actually been able to build a working openGL plugin (well, the B3DAcceleratorPlugin, strictly speaking) I loaded up Balloon3D to try pushing some pixels around. *Mostly* it seems to work. I tried a bunch of examples with no apparent crashes and it looks like the B3DDemoXXXX demos do their thing ok. So far, so good.

I do have this lingering memory that those demos should have a button to turn on and off the hardware acceleration and I don’t see any such right now. Oh, well it looks like the WheelMorph class>example has that but somebody named ‘BG’ made changes in 2002  to the B3DTutorialScenePresenterMorph stuff that took away an accelerator button. Sigh.

Attempting to do `Wonderland new` fails when the code sends #addGuard: to the current Project. I don’t have any idea what #addGuard: was supposed to do. If I remove that I get a Wonderland and things move around a bit. If I try to get the halo for the actual wonderland morph it fails because of the lack of B3DScanner. I’m pretty sure I remember an Energizer bunny in there somewhere, but no sign now. Maybe he ran down?

The Pooh graphics seems to at least begin to work but I can’t make much sense of what it ought to do. No examples!

tim Rowledge; [hidden email];
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