Beginner problem Croquet3.0 in linux

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Beginner problem Croquet3.0 in linux

Carlos Moro
Hello all.

First of all, congratulations for your absolut great work! I had been looking for such a project after many years here and there in the net... I fully agree with the foundation principles of openCroquet and the need we have to go some steps forward in computer use and human capabilities amplification.

I have in mind propose to my institution the research and use of openCroquet to create a VLE and telepathology enviroment, but I am already doing my first steps in exploring the system... I have some years experience in software programming, mainly in Java and Python, some of the educative (, and mostly open source.

I have read the whitepapers and follow now the DMU tutorial. All works really good and is really well designed. My first call for help is about using it in linux, my preferred platform ;). After downloading the package, I executed and update the platform ... a lot of errors came... After seeing here and there, I realized that executes Croquet0..image by default ... I wonder if it would be worth to be updated to Croquet0.3.image ... Once done, Croquet happily got and compiled its most recent updates.  But then, after creating (well) and saving in file a veri basic morph object (, that object can't be load from file efter. I get a debug window with messages with title: MessageNotUnderstood:UndefinedObject do (sorry, the window doesn't let me copy all the content). It's strange as while doing the same in Windows 2K everything works pretty well...

Thank you so much for your help.
Best regards,
Carlos Fernandez