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Kirk Fraser
Wait for it... I found my microwave rotating table glass broke in two so I went to the same store planning to buy another of the same brand.  The store no longer stocks the old brand so I chose an unknown and was surprised it has a better user interface.  Instead of having to hit "400 [start]" to get four minute cook time I now hit the 4 key and it starts automatically.  Now it seems a GUI face lift could be done to make Squeak much simpler like that. 

Thinking about it, one could provide menu items to convert to the new touch screen laptop format or the user v. programmer preferences.  Imagine a GUI like the Iron Man engineering interface(s).  Now isn't that serendipitous story more inspiring toward a vision to really revolutionize the beginner's experience than just a simple request to ask how to make the text editor menu font selection permanent (which could be a check box in the font GUI)?  Entering old age, degraded eyesight makes it necessary.  Thanks.


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