Bi-monthly Edusim notes and updates

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Bi-monthly Edusim notes and updates

(1) I have been presenting Edusim at a VERY steady pace (several times a week)
- Thursday at a sups forum, Friday to 2 groups of teachers.

(2)  Greenbush has submitted several grant proposals that integrate the Edusim
with instruction.

(3) We are continuing our pilots with students and are moving into phase II
where we embed ourselves into the classroom with teachers to assist them in
implementing Edusim with instruction (Using our Tech Rich Classroom Project).

(4) Still building formal lessons - but will more than likely partner with
curr. developers to meet our goal of 500 lessons by Jan 2009)

(5) Formal professional training and development packages by Feb 22nd 2008

(6) We are also in talks with a re-seller to package Edusim with
their hardware, and some formal lessons (Our Director of Business Partnerships
submitted the formal contract last week)

(7) Lise with Smarttech will demo Edusim on the Smartboard again - this time in
Nashville at - (with the help of a Middle
Tennessee professor - prof. name excapes me)

(8) Starting to live stream pilots & training through our GreenbushTV (had a
very nice crowd participate online Friday) -

(9) Sending daily updates through our twitter feeds & blogs and get a lot of
feedback through those channels (

(10) Greenbush leadership is starting to dedicate many more resource to the
project are are getting very close to dedicating me full time to the project.

Ill post notes in a few weeks.