Bi-weekly developer meeting chat log/transcript for October 5th, 2007

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Bi-weekly developer meeting chat log/transcript for October 5th, 2007

Liz Wendland
Thank you Andreas.  Here is the chat log from the Developer's Meeting
last Friday.

-Text Chat Transcript: Croquet Roadmap

John Dougan has arrived (at 11:15:45)

liz has arrived (at 11:27:02)

John Dougan (at 11:27:45)
Hey There

liz (at 11:27:58)
so far it is only us?

John Dougan (at 11:28:28)

liz (at 11:28:47)
peter is at home sick so he can't make it unfortunately

liz (at 11:29:16)
and i don't believe that mark is coming either

John Dougan (at 11:29:37)
Oh dear.  Hopefully nothing too serious.

DaveFaught has arrived (at 11:29:49)

liz (at 11:29:54)
no, just the normal fall virus i think

liz (at 11:30:06)
hi david

DaveFaught (at 11:30:45)
hi liz

Craig has arrived (at 11:31:48)

liz (at 11:32:06)
Hi Craig

Craig (at 11:32:13)
hi there

liz (at 11:34:07)
Craig has mentioned that he finds the lack of sdk documentation frustrating

liz (at 11:35:46)
wiki has reasonable docs, but is not updatable by non-consortium memberes

DaveFaught (at 11:37:30)
have you asked for a logon? i have not (yet) paid the $100 but was
allowed in because of my participation history

liz (at 11:41:13)
we will look into getting more tutorials... and make it easier to add/update

DaveFaught (at 11:41:46)
actually Julian asked me before they opened it up to the public

DaveFaught (at 11:42:14)
i mean it was not even readable to the public at that time

DaveFaught (at 11:42:29)

DaveFaught (at 11:44:18)
an updated image was supposed to be made every 6 months, but hasn't
happened because of lack of new content

liz (at 11:44:19)
we would like to have an updated SDK image with the currently
contributed fixes/code

John Dougan (at 11:45:28)
There are a pair of audio files I likr to point people at who are trying
to understan open source and I have links to them at :

DaveFaught (at 11:45:45)
gee, i think that you agreed to a no-reverse-engineering thing when you
downloaded the free version of sketchup

John Dougan (at 11:46:42)
Specifically the talks by Eric Raymond and Jim Gettys.

liz (at 11:46:45)
craig mentions that it would be great to get the ability to get Google
sketchup files. and john also requested a TGA importer since that is a
common game importer

DaveFaught (at 11:47:23)
i know that people have done the import of that format, but maybe? they
are licensed

Craig (at 11:56:37)
(yeah, need to talk to qwaq folks to see what their deal with Google is,
if any)

Howard has arrived (at 11:57:01)

DaveFaught (at 11:57:37)
hi howard

liz (at 12:00:09)
we are now discussing the process of how people can help contribute code
and how that can be added to the core distribution

liz (at 12:00:48)
even if people are adding totally separate code like importers there can
be conflicts in how they are invoked in the UI, etc

DaveFaught (at 12:02:04)
liz, i'm trying to jabber to peter and show him online (with the old id
you gave me on but you show up offline?

liz (at 12:02:44)
i am online... i think peter stepped away

DaveFaught (at 12:03:53)
what's regular time? do you have some?

Craig (at 12:06:04)
well, yes (I could certainly commit to one day per year, for example),
I'm just not sure what it is to a degree of accuracy I'd like, or if
it's sufficient

DaveFaught (at 12:06:13)
do we want to retain Qwaq-compatibility?

DaveFaught (at 12:06:56)
making it harder for them to contribute would be counter-productive

Craig (at 12:07:57)
bah, speaking of time, I have to get my next meeting, hate to leave, I
appreciate these meetings. Thanks!

liz (at 12:08:14)
bye craig, nice to see you

Craig (at 12:08:42)
likewise! see you all later

DaveFaught (at 12:14:56)
i'm going to blender3d game engine myself

DaveFaught (at 12:16:57)
but it's not collaborative

DaveFaught (at 12:26:13)
try MockTurtle!

DaveFaught (at 12:27:43)
it's limited, but works.  I started to adapt it to work at the TFrame
level in the KAT demo

DaveFaught (at 12:32:48)
and make use of the jabber client that is already in Croquet

DaveFaught (at 12:37:35)
ther were no other volunteers

liz (at 12:38:16)
we discussed that the jabberwocky release might just consist of bug fixes.

liz (at 12:39:05)
it was also mentioned that it would be nice to have a community manager
who makes sure that questions to the croquet lists at least get some
type of response

DaveFaught (at 12:39:12)
i'm sure that gatekeeper roles could be renegotiated, but there has to
be a commtment of time too

DaveFaught (at 12:40:23)
liz is a gtekeeper for something on the old roadmap too!

DaveFaught (at 12:42:08)
yes, i have to go too.  Thank you all and have a good weekend

Howard has left (at 12:43:03)

DaveFaught has left (at 12:43:40)

John Dougan has left (at 12:55:20)

liz has left (at 13:10:12)