Bochs simulator plug-in structure

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Bochs simulator plug-in structure

Chris Cunnington

"you need a Boch plugin to run this code. This plugin is not shipped
with VMs built by Jenkins server. Not sure about Eliot's builds."

Running this image on the latest Cog build, which has Bochs, which you
can see from the screen shots, is an advance. The simulator appears, but
the whole image is frozen. Until it throws an error, as seen in
screen2.png, the only living thing is the scrolling output in the bottom
left pane.

Of course, none of this may be a problem. I use the 2.7
InterpreterSimulatorLSB, where the simulated image runs, while the host
image, the one with the vm is frozen. My solution is to plant a 'self
halt' in Interpreter>>primtiveSomeInstance. Then I evaluate SystemTracer
allInstances. Bang. The simulated image goes up in a puff of smoke
leaving a debugger in the host image, which is pure gold. I can explore
the values in the ObjectMemory and such. I imagine I could do something
similar here.


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