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BotsInc in the blogosphere

stéphane ducasse-2
Hi all

here are what some people are writing on my book.


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> From: francois schnell <[hidden email]>
> Date: 12 janvier 2006 21:36:10 HNEC
> To: [hidden email]
> Subject: Your book
> Hello,
> Pour info, quelques commentaires vu sur la blogosphère à propos de  
> ton livre:
> francois

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Re: BotsInc in the blogosphere

Darius Clarke
Hi Stef,

Just received my copy and have looked through it. I'm introducing
these lessons to a group of 4 students, 2 in 6th grade, 1 in 7th
grade, and 1 in 9th grade. I see that you use a lot of programming
terminology in initial explanations and then define the words later. I
understand the text. I find out how others will.

Also, I see very little demarkation between the terms and conceptes
that the student will find in other programming langes and those that
are unique to you tailord environment and to Smalltalk.

The students are still excited to learn anything. My first task is to
help them with a project based learning project for Health Science
where they need to plot about 18 data points on a graph. I'll use
Squeakland's "Powerful Ideas" book for that. Yours comes next.