Brazil as alternative to beer

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Brazil as alternative to beer

Paul Sheldon-2
Last night, at open mike, I mentioned the Brazilian concern that is
changing the paradyme of broadcast programming to interactive gaming as
an economic model in commercially driven enterprise. This excited me
when I read of the post on this.

An executive rebrief all sounds so abstract, though formally proper, it
really doesn't put you in the shoes of the experience.

The introduction of the show was a baby dancing the bossa nova on my
iPhone, say I evolved the garage band soundtracked baby project in the
sweltering near Brazil Amazon of my upper room while AC being repaired
to evolve my red hot sermon against beer, then how I used Darwin
evolutionary program building to get things I needed for Americo's
Brazil course on my mac probably related to iconoclastic gaming economy,
then used Darwin evolved streamripper internet radio station Brazil to
do Brazil and Meditacio.

With keyboard transpose to c, I improvised chords to the two songs (I
have an iPod mount I made on my keyboard and played along with the
streamrips on the keyboard). On Meditacio, I accidently gave myself a
transpose +3 instead of -3, but my intuition from training with Yamaha
guide lights and band in the box was so strong it didn't matter. This
was shy of a 4th, so it wasn't just adding a sharp or flat.

Throwing what I have learned with croquet into my life energizes my
learning; I thought it might energize yours.