Brazil as an alternative to incompatible e mail clients

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Brazil as an alternative to incompatible e mail clients

Paul Sheldon-2
An old friend who comes up with simple (to me unsatisfying opinions)
on how things work; a friend who actually has a religious belief that
things are simple (without a whole lot of work) if only he barks loud enough
to someone else responsible got confused when I tried to tell him
about Deborah Tannen's article, "Talking the Dog", about using
nonverbal entities such as dogs and babies to shift frames or viewpoints
that would lead to hurtful rancour.

You see, I forwarded the pdf I e mailed myself from a university library
and getting e mail clients to talk nice to each other might be more
than people exploiting dog ventriloquism as in her article.

Sure enough, forwarding the e mail I got from the library to myself,
that dumb yahoo not only exhibited the Chinese dolls of attachments
of a forward, but also didn't trust itself at all and put the final internal
"doll" attachment with a cgi suffix so a smarter e mail client
on a machine would know what it was.

I worry my old friend will bark and lose patience,
so I implored him to imagine me barking to try to get
across the confused instructions of incompatibility.

I seriously think that Deborah Tannen's frame stuff might help
people with complications in both people and computers
actually be able to talk amicably with each other.

She might have saved me a friendship this sunday.

We'll see.