Build a Smalltalk with VMMaker or from scratch?

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Build a Smalltalk with VMMaker or from scratch?

Mick Duprez
Greetings All,

I would like to build a VM for Smalltalk to use with the CLR/.Net. I'm not really interested in building it to be 'the' CLR version of Smalltalk but if it grows that way organically all the better :)

My goal is to build a plugin VM to use as a scripting/coding tool for existing .net applications. I'd like to start with a very lightweight version to start with but from my brief introduction to Smalltalk I'm thinking that if I can build the primitives and the VM in C# I could basically 'bolt on' the parts of Smalltalk I need such as the Workspace, Transcript and System Browser to get the ball rolling.

Ideally, I'd like scripts written in it to transpile to C# for final compilation after the development phase to be compiled to assemblies or for consumption by a C# script runner say.

My question is then, should I use VMMaker for this or should I build it from scratch using the implementation guide in the last part of the Blue Book(*)?

I'd just like some direction before I head too far down either path and work out it was the wrong direction, thanks.

(*) - I've just started reading this part but I fear that like most books it may not be as complete as I'd like/need. Any other books or references would be great!