Building 3.10-1 on freebsd

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Building 3.10-1 on freebsd

radoslav hodnicak

I'm getting this error

In function `sqLocDaylightSavings':
undefined reference to `daylight'

while trying to build the vm on a freebsd7.0/i386, gcc 4.2.1 machine. I
can work easily around it by changing the sqLocDaylightSavings function to
always return zero but it baffles me why such simple construct doesn't

After I install it, squeak won't run because it can't find the display
driver "" - the installed file is named
"libvm-display-X11.0.0". Same for sound driver. Symlinking to proper names
allows Squeak to run

What should I do with me newly acquired wisdom? Report on mantis?

Regards, radoslav