ByteCode to ByteCode optimizations?

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ByteCode to ByteCode optimizations?

Holger Freyther

partially inspired by the (Cog) Sista slides. On our slow ARM hardware
I was looking into ways to speed things up. So I was having code like

        aStream atEnd ifFalse: [aStream uncheckedPeek = 123]


        ^a > b

I was wondering if we could create additional ByteCode that would
allow us to 'replace' the receiver/inline without creating a new
context? Something that allows us to quickly assert that the new
receiver is a of specific class/oop and the execute the inlined code.

What do you think? Is it feasible with the current code? In the
next step we could look into adding code to check the PIC and count
and learn about the types. :}

What do you think?


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