C5 Keynote videos

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C5 Keynote videos

Howard Stearns
...are now online here: http://www.db.soc.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp/c5-06/

     "Rethinking Books in the Era of the Network"
     Bob Stein, Director, Institute for the Future of the Book

     "Listening to What We’re Seeing" (about today's net-generation  
    Diana G. Oblinger, Vice President, EDUCAUSE

The Fourth International Conference on Creating, Connecting and  
Collaborating through Computing was in January. This yearly  
conference is turning out to be THE place for Croquet presentations.  
See y'all there next year!

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Re: C5 Keynote videos

Darius Clarke
If one just wants the PPT file for now of the talk (given at a
different venue) one can find it here: