Can't load libgit2 in 7.0 on some major Linux distros

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Can't load libgit2 in 7.0 on some major Linux distros

Martin McClure-2
Took my first crack at running 7.0 last night. 64-bit, on Linux.

Iceberg won't open; says that libgit2 is the wrong version.

After some investigation, this is because:

It's picking up the system's version of libgit2, not the version
included with the vm. This is because:

The version included with the VM depends on This
library is not packed with the VM, nor is it on my system.

A bit more investigation shows that although Ubuntu does seem to
typically use, other distributions (Red Hat / CentOS,
Gentoo) do not.

My Gentoo system's /usr/lib64/ depends on,
not on I haven't looked at API differences and
such, but would it be possible for Pharo to build libgit2 against
libcurl instead of against libcurl-gnutls? Libcurl seems to be present
on Ubuntu systems as well as on CentOS/RedHat and Gentoo, so might work
more widely.