Can we have a little digest?

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Can we have a little digest?

Dan Ingalls-4
Hi, All -

This is addressed mainly to folks at HPI  -

I know that a lot of cool stuff is going on there now.  It would be
interesting to me and,  I think, to all the other citizens of Lively
to see an informal list each week of, for instance...

        Most problematic things in Lively for newbies this week

        Coolest things done this week

        Coolest ideas this week for new things to try in Lively

        Examples of "My favorite demo to show off Lively"


You get the idea.  Maybe you could do a bit of email or talk among
yourselves each week so it's easy for someone to put this together.

If that's too much trouble, I wouldn't even mind if people write this
kind of stuff straight to the list.  What a nice situation if we had
too much Lively email ;-)

Thanks, and good luck with all your cool projects!

        - Dan