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Cannot Initialize Opengl

Justin Emmanuel
The error message that I am getting is the same one that someone else noted that they were getting as well, Cannot Initialize Opengl, when ever I try to enter Croquet, (no problem entering squeak).

I am running Kubuntu Edje. I think that it has something to with Xorg 7. I am currently using the the proprietary NVIDIA drivers (from the web site, as it was not working before, I installed a custom kernel and installed the drivers from the NVIDIA site). It is from the NVIDIA drivers that my implementation of Opengl is comes from.

I have been messing around with GLUT, and compiling and running programs using openglut has been working.

glxgears work fine, as do all my other Opengl applications.
I had problems with the windows being transparent until I disabled ARGB windows in Kcontrol. This effected both Croquet and Squeak windows.
I know that sound on Squeak only works via OSS, which is a little frustrating as I am only using ALSA.

Is this a known problem? Is there any known solution? Has anyone got Croquet working well on Xorg 7? Since EVERY *nix distribution is going to move over to it.

I believe it to be this, because I have had it working in the past with Ubuntu -> Xorg 6.8. When I changed to Xorg 7, it failed.

Your help is very appreciated.