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* apologies for multiple copies *

Call For Papers for the sixth annual workshop on Implementation, Compilation,
Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems
(ICOOOLPS) to be
held at ECOOP 2011 in Lancaster, UK on July 26th 2011


Computer programming languages, especially Object-Oriented languages, are
pervasive and play a significant role in computer science and engineering life
and sometime appear as ubiquitous and completely mature. However, despite a
large number of works, there still is a clear need for solutions for efficient
implementation and compilation of OO languages in various application domains
ranging from embedded and real-time systems to desktop systems.

The ICOOOLPS workshop thus aims to address this crucial issue of optimization,
mainly but not only in OO languages, programs and systems.  It intends to do so
by bringing together researchers and practitioners working in the field of
implementation and optimization of programming languages.  Its main goals are
identifying fundamental bases and key current issues pertaining to the
implementation, compilation and optimization of OO languages, and outlining
future challenges and research directions.

An expected output of this workshop is a synthesis identifying
fundamental bases
and key current issues pertaining to the efficient implementation and
compilation of OO languages, in order to spread them further amongst
the various
computing systems.  It is also intended to extend this synthesis to encompass
future challenges and research directions in the field of OO languages
implementation and optimization, as well as non-OO languages.

Important Dates:

Workshop paper submission: April 15, 2011
Workshop paper acceptance: May 20, 2011
Workshop: July 26, 2011

Program Committee:

Mark van den Brand        TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Peter Dickman             Google, Switzerland
Roland Ducournau          LIRMM, France
M. Anton Ertl             Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien), Austria
Remi Forax                University of Marne-la-Vallée, France
Björn Franke              University of Edinburgh, UK
Andreas Gal               Mozilla Corporation, USA
Kevin Hammond             University of St Andrews, UK
Tim Harris                Microsoft Research, UK
Michael Haupt             Hasso-Plattner-Institut, Germany
Eric Jul (co-chair)       DIKU, The University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Tomas Kalibera            The University of Kent, UK
Stein Krogdahl            University of Oslo, Norway
Francis Chi Moon Lau      The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Ian Rogers (chair)        Azul Systems, USA
Jennifer Sartor           Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Manuel Serrano            INRIA, France
Mario Wolczko             Oracle Labs, USA
Olivier Zendra (co-chair) INRIA/LORIA, France