Changing Cherokee for a Smalltalk based web server?

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Changing Cherokee for a Smalltalk based web server?

Hi all,

I'm getting random "504 gateway error" answers from several sites (using
Zope and Rails) that are served by Cherokee using a reverse proxy setup.
This error is an open issue in Cherokee and has been reported and not
properly patched since 2009:

I did choose Cherokee because of its easiness to setup and newbie
friendly interface and character, but with this problem I'm thinking in
testing another server, may be a Smalltalk based one that have similar
characteristics and can serve sites in Zope or Rails also. I know about
Comanche, Swazoo and Zinc, but I don't know which of them is better
(making load balance and stuff like that) and have proper documentation
about using it in combination with other software (Zope and Rails in my

Any advice on this matter is greatly appreciated,

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