Checking the demo of Aida

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Checking the demo of Aida

Herbert König

in checking the demo of Aida with Google Chrome I noticed a lot of
Ajax not working. See attached notes. Most problems occur with a
Squeak Server but also the shows some problems.

I didn't get a single debugger though.


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I think this code is not fully functional in Pharo


autoConvertString: aString toObject: anObject
        "try to convert string depending on object type"
        (anObject isKindOf: String) ifTrue: [^aString].
        (anObject isKindOf: Integer) ifTrue: [^aString asInteger].
        "(anObject isKindOf: FixedPoint) ifTrue: [^aString asFixedPoint: anObject scale]."
        "(anObject isKindOf: SpDate)
                ifTrue: [self halt]."
        (anObject isKindOf: SpDate) ifTrue: [^SpDate fromISO8610String: aString].
        anObject isNil ifTrue: [^aString].

1) FixedPoint it not known in Pharo
2) instead of SpDate Date have to be used if one wants to call asDays

There is IMHO another problem. I think this is not  easy extendible, or
if one has another isKindOf he will have to change this function..

I wrote a few weeks ago. About the Accept/Presenter pattern from CLIM I
think this would be better for extensibility. We'd may have a class like

class MyTime
      "Present in ISO format

     "accept from ISo format.

or maybe even better

we'd have

class MyTime

presenter: aPresenter

accepter: anAccepter

and than we can just plug in whatever we like for presentation.

Presenters could be as easy as:


          self asString


           self acceptFromString: externFormatString


With the above function the following Date formats do not work

The original implementation uses

The formats accepted are:
the forms:
                <day> <monthName> <year> (5.April 198  5.april 1982 5.apr 82 5.apr 1982)
                <day><monthNumber> <year> (5.4.82 5.4.1982 050482 05041992)

So if anyone used Date in America he will  have "hard" times (as I'd had
with using ISO Date format)....


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