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Chris answer about Green Neon

Edgar De Cleene

> On 5/28/15, 12:03 PM, "Chris Cunnington" <[hidden email]> wrote:
>> I bought an old book on OS X Carbon once. It lead me down the rabbit hole of
>> code archaeology, where you try to go back in time, collect things, and build
>> something that was. You¹re always missing something. Looking at GreenNeon on
>> Cuis is sort of like that. Set the time machine for 2013.
>> tl;dr - You need a working WebClient for Cuis. The one I used [1] is not
>> available. I¹ve added one from garduino [2] that informs the Test Runner it
>> has 50 failed tests.
>> The image I built is long gone. Here¹s is the latest Cuis (4.2, released
>> 2013)
>> with garduino¹s Networking code, his WebClient, and my GreenNeon. [3] There
>> are a few useful snippets in the Workspace. I think that if WebClient worked,
>> then so would GreenNeon. But I¹m not about to try and debug WebClient on
>> Cuis.
>> Your best bet might be to contact David Graham for his WebClient code.
>> Chris
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
> Very thanks and we heavily welcome you in Cuis list if you wish

I say I working on this in my fork.
Open the feedback for develop.
I add class comments for run examples and try to have #debug mode as think
is a must.

@morplenauta en twitter


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