Code Changes seems very slow in P8?

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Code Changes seems very slow in P8?

Tim Mackinnon
I haven’t used P8 a lot, but I still find that the code changes tool still needs more work (I feel quite nervous about it vs. the now deprecated changes file).

I noticed today on a new P8 image where I did a bit of work (not much). Having launched the image again today (and my laptop had accidentally rebooted), I opted not to load lost code (as I didn’t think I had lost any) - but then I went to check what code it thought was lost and was surprised to find that on a new MacBook Pro - it takes 3-4 seconds (with no obvious wait cursor) to show 6700 events? Is this right?

Obviously the UI needs improving to show some loading indicator, but why does it take such a long time to determine a smallish number of events? Or is 6700 a lot? Looking in detail it seems that the majority are due to project dependencies I loaded, but I worry that this doesn’t scale very well? 100’s of thousands of events should take time, but sub 10k it seems like something odd is going on?

Maybe it was always like this?