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Re: CogVM Execution Flow

Eliot Miranda-2
Hi Ben,

On Tuesday, June 14, 2016, Ben Coman <[hidden email]> wrote:

Some other possible hints of transitions between structures is that
only some methods have pragmas?? (Like <var: #cogMethod type:.....)

Unrelated.  These pragmas merely confer C types in variables when Smalltalk/Slang is translated to C.

Only some methods are marked for <inline>.

Right.  Some methods must be inlined, some are inlined automatically.  It's a bit chaotic, but us unrelated to the transitions.

I notice a function... convertToMachineCodeFrame: cogMethod bcpc:

Now you're talking :-).  The interpreter jits an interpreted method that contains a loop by counting backward branches and jitting by default on the 20th iteration.

cheers- ben

best, Eliot