Congrats to Dabble DB raising ~$2M

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Congrats to Dabble DB raising ~$2M

Brad Fuller
Great to hear that Dabble DB has raised some $. This is great news for
Squeak and Seaside (I assume you are running Squeak, correct me if I'm
I hope that this gives a significant push to Squeak/Seaside in the press.

Blog from GigaOM (

Dabble DB, a Vancouver-based online database / hosted application
creation company has raised around $2 million dollars in Series A
venture funding from Ventures West, a Canadian VC fund. Paul Kedrosky, a
venture partner with the fund, is leading the investment in the
eighteen-month-old company. The company will also come out of “beta”
“I think it is a great platform for building data centric apps,” says
Kedrosky. His logic - Dabble DB is selling “picks and shovels” in this
Web 2.0 boom. They have already garnered quite a few paying customers,
and perhaps this new round of financing will help them scale their
operations. Dabble DB falls under the same category as say a Ning:
companies that help build on-the-fly web apps.
The company was started by Avi Bryant and Andrew Catton, both first time
entrepreneurs. DabbleDB has received some good reviews. I plan to spend
some time looking at Dabble DB later. I might be wrong, but my guess is
that these kind of offerings could have a similar impact on online-app
creation as Visual Basic Studio did for the Microsoft and its ecosystem.
(Guys, correct me if I am off base!)