Connection refused by Stone Repository Monitor

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Connection refused by Stone Repository Monitor

Hi, mi name is Ezequiel

I am in a new job and i´m  working with Gemstone v.3.0.1 and an application that connect to Gemstone.

Gemstone is running on server with CentOS, and the client application that connect to to GS, runs in windows.

I recently turned off the server where Gemstone was running, when it start again, i started Gemstone process again. But, when i try to connect from the client application on windows an error was displayed:

"The GemStone session has lost its connection to the Stone Repository
monitor., recv(4,0x7f17f7a0d768,128,0) failed with errno=104,ECONNRESET,
Connection reset by peer, stncall SocketRecv failed"

This never appeared before, so i think that some configuration was lost when i shut down the server.

I dont know whats is the problem, and i really aprecciate if someone can help me.

Sorry about my english and thanks in advance.

Best regards,