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Consumers, Authors, Programers, Wizards

Americo Damasceno
The DMU  CROQUET tutorials serie  for PROGRAMERS has 15 lesson until now and will have many more. It's a success, having many visitors everyday.

I would like to make clear a concept. For DMU (we did not invent this),  there are 4 levels of Croqueteers:

1 - "Consumers": that  know  how to use the "navigator" (the "SimpleDemo" is a navigator for us). They go to available islands in the LAN or internet. They receive visitors for chat.They use 2D "projects" available at the  "hoster islands". They customize their islands adding 3D objects using the graphic resource of the navigator and will use "Brie" - a new Croquet resource that will be available soon.
2 - Authors: do "1"  +  they know how to create 2D "projects" using the Squeak graphics resourse (not code). They have a "hoster" (the "MPEGDemo" is a  hoster  for us) that has his projects added graphicaly to his "hoster island".
3 - Programers: do "1"  + "2" + they write code for the projects, using the Smalltalk/Squeak API .  THIS IS THE LEVEL OF OUR ACTUAL TUTORIALS SERIE!
4 - Wizards: do "1" + "2" + "3" + they write code using the Croquet API (for animated, interactive objects, 3D simulations etc. etc). They know Java or .NET and database programming for the creation of the 2nd and 3th tiers, for security and persistence of data on   applications using Croquet in the 1st tier.  

We think that the creators of 3D objects (using "3ds max" or any modeler+converter to ASE or MDL file) can be or not Croquet users at any level.

After the actual tutorials serie (we belive we will have aprox. 20 lessons more) we will begin a new serie. The level will be "for Wizards"!

Having "Brie" available (soon, I hope) we will create a serie "for Consumers". And the last serie will be "for Authors" -   only graphic Squeak programming etc.  

Thanks, dear DMU readers. Stay with us.