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Contact Problem

Ken Causey-3
German Arduino asked me on #squeak about how to contact the News Team
and mentioned that he had sent email to the team list and Michael Davies
directly.  Perhaps Michael is busy right now or missed the email, I
suggested he email Michael again, perhaps as often as weekly.

Anyway this pointed out a problem.  The website directs
those with news to email this mailing list.  But the mailing list, for
good reason, has been set to discard all email from non-subscribers.  I
think you can see the problem there.

In the long-term I'll be sure you have a category in the Contact Us form
on which will allow people to submit news stories and you can
link to that.  But that project is slow in developing for various
reasons.  In the short term perhaps you can come up with an alternate
workaround.  If I can help, let me know.


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