Context question and how to do a refresh

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Context question and how to do a refresh


Hi all,

First of all congratulations for the google selection !!!
Unfortunately i'm pretty busy right now.

I have a WebApplication which works fine under Mozilla.

But under Google Chrome i can not use commands buttons because it never
find the context.
printWebPageFor: aRequest

      ctx := self findCreateOrSerializeContextFor: aRequest. "for posts and
ajax just find, never create. Req's context is also set"
      ctx  isNil ifTrue:
                [self halt. ^WebPage new addText: 'request for unknown or nonexistent
context!'; yourself].

The problem is that #findCreateOrSerializeContextFor: does not find the
context ONLY with Chrome.
It works in:
Internet Explorer.

The last question is how to force a web refresh in AIDA ?

I try:
self redirectTo: self observee.

But after this i want to force the page reload.

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