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Countdown to Competition

There are 10 days remaining in our Kickstarter and we are only 35% funded. I can't believe that the public doesn't feel it is worthwhile to support a software competition with generous scholarship prizes. What's the problem with supporting higher education???

This Smalltalk competition, if successful, could serve as a model for similar contests in other countries. It would also raise the public profile of Smalltalk to the benefit of everyone, include those in the SCONA community. I intend to parlay this competition into a major PR event. I'm already in contact with the IT press, local newspapers and television media.

What frustrates me is that I'm not getting much help from the general Smalltalk community. The competition is our last best hope for promoting Smalltalk...to incentivize the next generation of software developers to learn this language. Let's not brush it off with such abandon.