Croquet Keyboard Oddness on a Mac

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Croquet Keyboard Oddness on a Mac

Liz Wendland

I am hoping someone can help me figure this out... I would like to let
my users use the arrow keys in Croquet.  I've added code to my
TAvatarUser>>keyDown: method.  For example, I look for event keyValue =
30 to find an up-arrow.  That works great for Windows and Linux.  The
Mac isn't happy though.

So I looked at the TAvatarUser>>keyStroke: method.  It works the same
for both Windows and Mac, but it has exactly the same code I am using in
my keyDown:.  I put a "self halt"  in the keyStroke: method, but when I
do that the event now has a keyValue of 126 on a Mac, rather than the 30
I was seeing using a Transcript>>show.  What the heck?  How did halting
change the event I got?  What magic is happening in
TAvatarUser>>keyStroke: to handle Mac differences?

Thanks in advance for any help and Happy New Year to all!

Liz Wendland