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What is about the incorporation of the Impara Sophie's XUL staff and logic into the Croquet?
The idea is that, we could define the Croquet (3d/2d) user interfaces (or the way of filling up the space with content) within a XML file. Which satisfies the Croquet software logic requirements (for example: multiplicity of spaces (no direct analogs in VRML or X3D), etc.) and is readable by human.
XML file looks like:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <!-- fill up the activeSpace with it -->
        <imageWindow src ="lawn.bmp" x="0" y="0" z="-5" />
        <space name='001'>
                <textWindow text = "Text" />
                <space name= '002'>

To try first tiny example in work, just install the two latest XUL and Croquet-Xul packages from repository,
and add to CroquetMenuProject at any #menuBar.. new menuItem:

menu add: 'Create from xul' target: self action: #actionCreateFromXUL disabled: false.

Best regards,
Nikolay Suslov