Cryptography Team Package released on SqueakMap

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Cryptography Team Package released on SqueakMap

Ron Teitelbaum

The cryptography team has released a consolidated package on squeak map.

This release is the result of hard work of the Cryptography Team. The latest
team was formed in 2005. This release comes on 4/23/2007. Please see the
squeak source repository for more cryptography including SSL and SMime. If you have an interest
please come join the team -
Ron Teitelbaum, Squeak Cryptography Team Leader, [hidden email]

The cryptography package provides some basic cryptographic algorithms and
protocols. This change set integrates algorithms implemented by several
members of the Squeak community, including Ron Teitelbaum, Robert Withers,
Chris Muller, Hans-Martin Mosner, Leandro Caniglia, John Maloney, Duane
Maxwell, Luciano Notarfrancesco and Carlos Sarraute. There isn't much
documentation, but browsing the tests (CryptoTest) will give you a pretty
good idea of how to use it.

This package includes:
. Symmetric key algorithms: DES, 3DES, AES (Rijndael), ARC4, ARC2
. Block cipher modes: CBC, CFB, OFB
. Hash functions: MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256
. Public key algorithms: DSA, ElGamal, RSA
. Other stuff: HMACs, Diffie-Hellman, a random pool, a secure prng, a primes
. ASN.1 support
. X509 v3 certificates
. Support for PKCS Files

Happy Coding!

Ron Teitelbaum
Squeak Cryptography Team Leader

Cryptography mailing list
[hidden email]