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Daily Commit Log

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: System-ar.327
Ancestors: System-dtl.326, System-lh.320

Merging System-lh.320

Inform the user if the update failed because the remote server config could not be read correctly.

We use this at university (where we have our own update site), so the students are not greeted with a debugger if our squeaksource server is unreachable.



Name: System-ar.328
Ancestors: System-ar.327, System-cbr.324

Merging System-cbr.324:

Added a method #toggleFullScreen to project. Convenient if you want to be able to switch between modes with a single menu item. Added to support a menu item to do the same in TheWorldMainDockingBar.



Name: Morphic-ar.434
Ancestors: Morphic-mha.433, Morphic-cbr.432

Merging Morphic-cbr.432:

Added a menu item to Projects in TheWorldMainDockingBar. I was going to add it to the Extras menu, but when I went to actually implement it, I learned that fullscreen is accomplished (at least, when done via the World menu,) by sending a message to the current project. Depends on Project>>toggleFullScreen, which was added in System-cbr.324.



Name: Morphic-ar.436
Ancestors: Morphic-ar.434, Morphic-dcorking.435

Merging Morphic-dcorking.435:

HelpSystem is now in Trunk, so delete its squeaksource stanza from 'How to extend the system'.  extendingTheSystem is not in "Morphic-Kernel" source package.