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Daily Commit Log

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: MorphicExtrasTests-nice.4
Ancestors: MorphicExtrasTests-fbs.3

Do not use at:put: on a Float (especially a literal!), this superpower should be considered harmful and it is not 64-bits spur compatible anyway.



Name: Compiler-nice.316
Ancestors: Compiler-cmm.315

Make markerOrNil 64bits spur compatible by not hardcoding wordSize.



Name: CollectionsTests-nice.255
Ancestors: CollectionsTests-ul.254

In a 64bits spur VM, not all SmallInteger can be stored in an IntegerArray, It's time to document it.



Name: KernelTests-nice.298
Ancestors: KernelTests-eem.297

Revise the tests relative to SmallInteger range for 64bits spur VM compatibility.



Name: Kernel-nice.962
Ancestors: Kernel-ul.961

Fix DataStream-serialization of SmallInteger in a 64bits spur VM.

DataStream assumes each and every SmallInteger fits in 32bits which is no more true.
If the SmallInteger is out of 32bits VM SmallInteger range, then use a fake LargeInteger.
Also care to re-normalize LageIntegers at materialization time.



Name: System-nice.776
Ancestors: System-topa.775

Fix SmartRefStream for 64bits spur VM.

The scenario is this one: a SmallInteger smaller than 32 bits VM minSmallInteger is being replaced with a fake LargeNegativeInteger.

But the fake LargeNegativeInteger is not stored in references IdentityDictionary; consequently the class is NOT properly registered into the structures, and this creates an Error at materialization time...

So let's reference the fake...



Name: Kernel-nice.963
Ancestors: Kernel-nice.962

Let's correct my fresh DataStream correction...
The ugly 37777777 pattern may happen in octal, but 50 birthdays is well too young for practicing such sport correctly ;)

if the MC commit window would not try and reformat the code (especially rewrite hexadecimal constants in decimal) - that would have given me one more chance to correct before committing...