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Development integration

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        i'm interested to integrate development works on Pharo and Glass ( run on the same system ).

        On Pharo i setup a Pharo6.1-64 image with Iceberg support.

                I create a local repository  'example'  with ExamplePackage and relative BaselineOfExample package and class.

        For Glass i use GsDevKit  update at commit : d24cc327

        Now in Tode i create a project entry based on Pharo: example git repository.

        The relative  tode example project log report the right commit of the git repository.

        But when i do the tode baseline   menu option

                 the system generates: ' Could not resolve: BaselineOfExample' in cache filetree:///opt/pharo6.1-64......./iceberg/example

        I'm in the right directions ?

        Some considerations about development integrations ?


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