Dirty Seaside-pharo-core and Seaside-pharo-core-backtracking

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Dirty Seaside-pharo-core and Seaside-pharo-core-backtracking

Sven Van Caekenberghe-2
When using the latest Seaside on Pharo 3 (either loading ConfigurationOfBootstrap or the Seaside image, 3.0 bleedingEdge, built on the pharo-contribution CI server), I have two mysterious dirty packages without a repository:

- Seaside-pharo-core
- Seaside-pharo-core-backtracking

These only contain extensions. There are no such Seaside package as far as I can see.

What puzzles me is how the code got in the image in the first place: I can understand that these are possible wrong extension protocol names, but since they must be loaded by an MC package, how did they get into that package in the first place ?


Sven Van Caekenberghe
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