Dolphin 98 Mutate View Bug?

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Dolphin 98 Mutate View Bug?

Christopher J. Demers
I am trying to teach Smalltalk to a friend.  I am using Dolphin 2.1 as a
starting point for him.  I use Dolphin 3.0/4.0 at home and work, so I am not
totally comfortable in 2.1.  I am also still newish to MVP.

I made a presenter and view bellow Shell, it turns out I now want to use it
as a subPresenter/view in another view.  So I took the view and mutated it
to a ContainerView from a ShellView.   I also moved the presenter class to
be bellow CompositePresenter from Shell.

Now I have a weird situation were the view does not seem to have anything in
its names collection, and any attempt to access any of its named subViews
tells me it can't find the named subViews.  The odd thing is that the
subViews show up in the view composer and when I show the view.  It just
seems that they can not be accessed by #viewNamed: .

Does anyone have any insight regarding this issue?  Is it a mutate bug?  I
tried fiddling with the view quite a bit but I can not make it work.  The
only thing I can think of is re-implementing the presenter/view in the
correct place form the start.