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Dolphin on Linux

Stefan Matthias Aust

I thought some of you might be interested in hearing that I managed to
run Dolphin Smalltalk on Linux using WINE.  I used Dolphin 3.06 and
managed to make it run using WINE-001026 on RedHat 6.2.

It's not that you can use it productively already, but at least, most
things seems to work and it looks very promising...

Here's what I had to change in Dolphin:

First of all, you need a Windows installation and you need a Dolphin
installed on Windows.  I wasn't able to run the install program using
WINE.  Make sure that WINE will use your Windows DLLs then.

There was a DivisionByZero error in InputState>>onStartup which I
first tried to work around by adding a "() max: 1" to the
Time-expression but because this still crashed, got rid of the problem
by replacing the whole statement with "SamplingInterval := 24576."
without worrying about side effects.  This worked and I could get
right behind the splash screen without crashing.

As MemoryManager>>administerLastRites had the habit to generate more
debug windows than I could manually remove, I had to remove the "self
signalOsError" statement in File>>write:count: again with no
noticeable side effect.  I don't know why this error occurred or what
happened, I blindly removed the symptoms and not the causes.

Then WINE complained about some error in its SetIcon call which was
probably generated by ShellView>>updateIcons and which made it
impossible to open any window.  As I can perfectly live without icons,
I replaced the whole method body with a "^self".

Finally WINE complained about some missing code in the common control
library which I could work around by commenting-out
ControlView>>errorInCommonControlCall.  Who cares about errors?  I
don't - even if I probably should ;-)  One would probably investigate
here and ask the WINE team to add the missing features.

After these changes, I could open my image, I saw the windows and I
could use the workspace to evaluate things like "3+4" or "Scribble
show" (which also worked like a charm).

Even the class browser mostly works, but it seems to have some
problems with icons (no wonder) and changing contents of list views
(probably because I ignored errors or WINE hasn't implement a feature
yet.  The toolbars didn't refresh correctly but you can use them and
they have tooltips.  The command center thing displays no icons but
one can use the menu bar to open other tools.  The package browser
also has some problems with its list view.  I didn't check the other
tools yet.

WINE emits a lot of debug messages - some fixme's (missing features in
WINE) but mostly errors (WINE doesn't like API call arguments).  But
it is really promising.  Hopefully, Dolphin 4.0 will run even

PS: My WINE tried to emulate my Windows 98 with Office 97SP1 and IE
5.5 installed, using as many native DLLs as possible.

Stefan Matthias Aust \/ Truth Until Paradox