EC2 & Croquet made for each other?

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EC2 & Croquet made for each other?

Darius Clarke
Would it be reasonable to suggest that we could help improve the
experience for those first dipping their toe in the Croquet waters by
providing a runnable Croquet image in Amazon's EC2?

    * Provide a pre-configured pubic Amazon AMI (always improving and
stable for a good first experience)
    * Amazon's virtual server (acting as peer) would communicate
(securely ?) only the 3D models, texture, and keyboard/mouse
interactions with interested person's browser by already present
plug-in (Java / Flash / etc.)
    * Servers (acting as peers) would be working in Amazon's LAN, so
WAN & firewall tunneling is not needed.
    * No bandwidth expense/cost between servers so massive numbers of
message passing between servers (acting as peer) is free
    * Minimal latency between servers on Amazon's LAN
    * Servers might automatically be located closer to interested
person's local PC
    * SMS message queues are available if needed
    * Interested person only needs to have the server running while
they are testing
    * If they already have an Amazon account, it's almost an impulse
test (no changes to local PC) or security concerns.
    * Pre-configered AMI might be faster to load than it would take to
download the Croquet client software
    * Smalltalk images could be saved to S3 (and shared)
    * More servers could demonstrate Croquet's scaling capabilities
(and reliably and repeatably test them)
    * Amazon's AMI provides a stable, consistent hardware
configuration as a stable platform target
    * Different AMI's could be targeted to interested people who have
different motivations (teacher, student, simulator, developer, gamer,
corporate, academic researcher, etc.)
    * Distributing large Croquet Smalltalk images with large amounts
of textures and 3D models would not cost the host or the interested
person in bandwidth charges
    * Consolidating hosts of large Croquet Smalltalk images with large
amounts of textures and 3D models could minimize storage costs which
could also be shared among "members"

    * any other ideas?