Edusim interactive whiteboards work - updates

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Edusim interactive whiteboards work - updates

Edusim project is moving extremely quickly. Was privileged enough to show the
work at the Boston Immersive Education Summit - then Wichita USA conference the
following week- then to St. Louis Monday to show Edusim, back to Wichita CLC
conference, then to show it in Chicago at the Ill tech conf.

(1) Bio-authority grant will kick in here in 4-6 weeks injecting considerable
money (over several years) into the project (busy summer lining out already) -
students in my pilot groups will have their own lessons within the next month
or so (building in CB Model pro).

(2) Will need to outsource alot of our modeling work (with Bio & other coming
grants) to keep up (Darius has a source - will need more as we go forward
without a doubt)

(3) Training documents almost done for the students & teachers (training
programs released Feb 22nd at our local Ed. Tech conference @ Greenbush) - Ill
share as we have them - may be of use to others.

(4) Wiimote whiteboard really getting schools tech directors (& students)
attention - showing Edusim on the Wiimote whiteboards in ad-hoc fashion
currently in our lab (& our demo -

(5) Starting to run a "Kinlelab" project in parallel with Edusim given the
swell of wiimote whiteboard interest (squeak etoys - project repository -
student built projects & hardware - fun stuff with potential)

(6) Eagerly looking forward to the new stuff Julian and Duke is working on