[Election 2008] Nominations soon ended - presentations and Q&A coming up!

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[Election 2008] Nominations soon ended - presentations and Q&A coming up!

Göran Krampe
Hi all!

Ok, we have 11 candidates so far! Perfect. Now the first phase -
Nominations - ends on the 22nd and then the campaigning period starts:

22nd to 25th:

Candidates present themselves and their candidacy, preferrably by
posting an article on SqP:


During this period I also urge you to look at the 10 questions we have
cooked up for the candidates at:


...and if you feel some important question is missing - email me in
private and I will (if I think it is a good thing) put it in the last 5
"open slots". First 5 served, then it is full! Deadline for sending me
extra questions is the 24th.

25th to 29th:

Candidates will answer (or not!) the questions by posting to squeak-dev.
Feel free to discuss at length of course, the posts from the candidates
will be added by me to the Swiki page so that all answers can be seen in
one place.

As always, election details are at: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6025

regards, Göran

PS. IMPORTANT: In order to vote - be sure to confirm that you have an
account on people.squeakfoundation.org and that your email address is up
to date. If you are not already registered on the site do so as soon as
possible. Include information about your participation in the Squeak
community to aid everyone in determining your appropriate certification.
If you have misplaced your people.squeakfoundation.org password there is
a link on the login page to allow you to reset it.  When the voting
period starts all voters will receive an email with instructions and a
link to the voting website.
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